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Step 9 - Interior Wall Cleanup

Upon zooming in on the kitchen closet, you’ll notice that while the two endpoints of the lines touch, they do not make a nice squared off corner. This is because each line is an individual object.

It is easy to remedy this within TouchDraw and can be fixed by combining the lines to create a single compound path.

First, select both lines by drawing a selection rectangle that intersects with both lines as done previously. This is the easiest way to select multiple shapes within the TouchDraw application.

Note: As of TouchDraw 1.8.3, if the selection rectangle is drawn from left to right, any object that intersects with the selection rectangle will be selected. If the selection rectangle is drawn from right to left, then any object that is contained within the selection rectangle will be selected.

This action will cause both lines to be selected.

Next, open the Adjustment Menu to combine both of the lines into a single compound path.

After the Adjustment Menu opens, tap on the Join Paths option:

After executing the Join Paths command and deselecting the newly created compound path, you’ll see that the corner of the closet is now perfect.

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